Aqua Bio Technology ASA

ABT is developing, producing and marketing new active ingredients to the global personal care industry.

Our products are based on extensive research and development in cooperation with Norwegian Universities. The novel marine active ingredients are derived from the pure and protected environment of Northern waters. All products are patented.

World Class Marine Biotechnology for Cosmetics and Skin Care

ABT was founded in year 2000 by Professor Bernt Th. Walther (PhD). The company was based on our current flagship product derived from the hatching fluid of salmon, Aquabeautine XL®, formerly known as Zonase X™.

Later we added SMIDS™ to our product portfolio. SMIDS™ is based on joining two marine biopolymers which allows us to tailor the melting point of any water-lipid cream base. Further, SMIDS™ forms a bio-film that enhances the water content and softness of the skin.

In addition to Aquabeautine XL® and SMIDS™, ABT has a promising product pipeline utilizing the world-leading knowledge of marine ingredients in Norway.